LT Accounting Team

At LT Accounting, we believe in transparency, trust, and the power of collaborative expertise. As you embark on this virtual exploration of our journey and meet the brilliant minds behind the scenes, you’ll discover the passion that drives us to redefine the realm of accounting services. Each team member brings a unique blend of skills, experience, and dedication, forming a dynamic ensemble committed to providing top-notch financial solutions. Join us on this immersive journey as we introduce you to the faces and stories that shape LT Accounting into a hub of innovation and client success.

Olivia Tombs – Accountant


I’m Liv and I am the owner of LT Accounting and firstly I want to say welcome! I want to give you an insight to who I am and what LT Accounting can provide.

I have over 6 years of experience working within accounting across the UK, Australia in a variety of different sectors including Sports, Food Manufacturing, Haulage, Health Care and Construction.

When I started LT Accounting, my goal was to make sure that all clients feel that I they can ask me anything and that they feel at ease about any problems they may be having.

LT accounting’s all about helping to support small business across the UK so they can maximise their profits. Working with LT Accounting will make sure that you have streamlined processes in place for your finances, and you can always have a view of your real time accounts and see where your business is at.

I hope this gives you a better insight into myself and what LT Accounting is all about, I hope to be working with you moving forward.


Olivia Tombs - Accountant
Kerri Mace - Accountant

Kerri Mace – Accounts Administrator


I’ve been with LT accounting for 2 years, as an Accounts Administrator. I’ve found the role very fulfilling mainly because of the great relationships we have with our customers. We pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable, and not hiding behind accounting terminology!

I have nearly 20 years’ experience working within financial industries, with a heavy focus on strict processes and data security in fast paced environments.

As an accounts administrator great communication is crucial, I want you to know exactly what’s happening with your business. Following our strict processes, data handling and software tools I can make sure the day-to-day is clear and easy to digest!

I look forward to working with you!

Thank you – Kerri